6 Reasons to Choose STARLETS

  1. Built for International Exams only- Cambridge O and A Level. SAT. TOEFL, IELTS etc.
  2. Manned by team of Teachers who produced Best 2019 SAT result world wide with perfect score of 1600, Guaranteed A grades in all subjects for serious students.
  3. Students trained to attract automatic tertiary scholarships from the best institutions in the world because of outstanding results.
  4. Produce best students in character who MODEL Starlets core values of RESPECT, INTEGRITY, PASSION and EXCELLENCE. Character is actually taught as a subject in Starlets Academy.
  5. Founded and run by a man of integrity, Kudo Eresia-Eke, PhD. Former Commissioner and GM of NLNG.
  6. The school is located in a serene recess and equipped with cutting edge learning technology.

For details, check www.starletsacademy.com or call Starlets Academy on (+234) 9093703133 or 08030992286