For a woman to come to terms with the reality of who she is and what she can do basically requires unalloyed determination and dogged tenacity of purpose. Women emancipation in all spheres of life and all over the world has become phenomenal; thereby keeping at bay the age long trend of relegating them to the background. Women have made remarkable effort and achieve enviable feats in life, particularly like their male counterparts.

Women everywhere have been subdued by what the illiterates say. It is so heart breaking to see numerous women who don’t know what they are worth. They have been blinded by blasphemous words, held down by deluded claws but we must be grateful for those extra-ordinary women who have trounced all the challenges and today are role models, our heroes, our self–made women.

They have become self–made by trampling over the stereotypical status in the society and by identifying who they were and not who they were told to be. Choosing yourself first is a very important step in becoming self -made woman. One must know who they truly are, know their values and hold on tight to them for the world is like a tremendous breeze, blows hard and free without mercy. However, with core values, you shall see light at the end of the tunnel.

When the light is in your palms, be sure never to let go of it, for it is the power which you must obtain to unlock the great person within you. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for job opportunities or sitting around, praying money will find its way into your hands, don’t be addicted to prayer. Take the stand, be self–employed, just like a great woman once said, “Power is taken, not given”.

An empty mind is like a dried stream – worthless. A self–made woman must have an ever–thinking mind, she must not be dull and she must have a vision. The visionary is the picture of the future, without it the power is useless. One must know their destination, so they don’t miss the journey.

The journey will not be easy, that is one thing for sure and this is why one must be self–figuring. You will make mistakes, miss your way and fall down, it is all part of being human, but a real woman is one who gets back on her feet. Learn to get over your mistakes and your past and stay focused. ‘Keep your eyes on the price’. Don’t let little things or setbacks bring you down, believe it or not, they are things that make the journey worthwhile.

Michele Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Linda Ikeji are only few of the great self –made women that exist. They conquered and today they are adored. A great woman lies within every female and the key is in the palms of her hands, it is only choice that will reveal her path.

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