We thank God that you are now at the step of choosing a secondary school for your child. To help you with your considerations here are five(5) key reasons why you may want to bring  your child to Starlets Academy boarding.


Starlets Academy is unique in fostering a deliberate culture of safety. No event is worthy except it can be carried out safely with no harm or injury to all concerned. All activities are examined for necessary precautions and mitigations to ensure ZERO injury to all. The child is specifically taught how to take care of itself and others to ensure safety always. Close attention would be paid to the child’s awareness of do’s and don’ts that foster not just safety , but its relatives of good health and a friendly environment.

If you really care about these values of health, safety and environment, not just as principles but as active habits of your child, then STARLETS is probably what you are looking for.

For completeness, permit us to add that it should be no surprise that STARLETS ACADEMY places so much premium on safety, as its founder served for two decades in oil and gas industry where SAFETY is necessarily prime.

kudo eresia eke

Dr. Kudo Eresia-Eke, Founder|Chairman Starlets Academy.

For this Academy, a concomitant to the issue of safety that goes without saying, is that of SECURITY. The school’s central location in the city was partly to ensure maximum security for your child.


You may have noticed that the motto of the school is “CHARACTER FIRST”. This is the reason why safety as treated above is not just a priority but an intrinsic value to be inculcated in the child as part of the DNA of its character. It is the deliberate intention of the institution to ensure that each Starlets imbibes the key values that would assist him/her to smoothly fit into, enhance and contribute significantly to the overall good and well being of society. For this special reason, specific character traits such as RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and PASSION AND EXCELLENCE are elevated to CORE VALUES of the Academy.

While emphasizing character values that ensure harmonious accommodation of others, we are mindful to emphasis that RESPECT begins with self, hence self-respect is actively promoted as a defining factor of the STARLET.

Further, it should not be a surprise that excellent character, and in particular integrity, rank as top value for the institution, whose founder spent over three decades of active work in top echelons of Government and industry in Nigeria, without a blemish on his character – an uncommon rarity in these timeless principles and practice of self-discipline that partly informed the conception of STARLETS. This is just to underline how fundamental character is to the very foundation of the institution.


STARLETS ACADEMY is deliberately structured for relatively small number of students in a highly controlled environment, complemented with an optimum teacher-student ratio. This is ton create an environment where the natural talent of each child is discern able.

And once discovered, the child is made to work in conscious awareness with teachers, and possibly ascribed mentors to polish his or her given gem of genius. STARLETS ACADEMY believes that every child comes with at least a special talent, which educators must help him locate, because therein lies the pointer to his path in greatness.

Nurturing of the child’s natural talent/s is however without prejudice to the general and basic fundamentals for ‘O’ level education. For us those are a given, guaranteeing first class performances in all external exams. Those are standard, even as our eyes are set on going beyond the basics, to discovering the child’s God-given path to greatness’. A corollary of this is of course that the ACADEMY, mediocrity or even a tendency towards it, is seriously frowned at for we believe that every child that comes to us is destined for greatness. This is why EXCELLENCE is naturally one of our CORE VALUES.


Giving the foregoing, it is clear that raison detre of ACADEMY, is, in a manner speaking; “the grooming of eagles, not just fowls of the air”. Leadership therefore area stands out for us as  a special focus area, in preparing students to become the ‘Light’ of their generation, who will lead not just by precepts, but more importantly, by example. Leadership would thus be studied from day 1 in the schools as Theory and Practice. The children will be exposed to basic elements, and methods of exceptional leadership; as well as case studies of great leaders in society and industry.


It is perhaps clear by now that Communication Skills would necessarily also be, a core area for STARLETS, given its accent on leadership, which, by definition is for the benefit of other. A leader must therefore be able to communicate effectively in order to engage and inspire others. Clearly, the more command a leader has over his or her expressionism, the better his ability to articulate ideas in exciting, captivating and motivating ways. A leaders pulls other by his magnetism, empathy, charism, or power, all enhanced by his or her ability to lucidly communicate intentions, goals or vision to his co-travelers, or followers.

All the major form of communication would be studied and practiced, such that would naturally stand out, and be distinguished by their diction, oviation writing body language and methods of communication. The whole idea is to empower the child, by following our detailed and meticulous programme at ACADEMY (Boarding), to emerge a true leader, in every sense, comparable to any of his peers anywhere in the world.

In closing, let us be clear: our goals are ambitious some would say extraordinary. But that is precisely why ACADEMY exists at all, to help create the stars; leading lights of their time. We are conscious that the journey would require uncommon diligence, hard work and dedication, and are fully armed with a clear vision and passion to make this dream for your child a reality.

STARLETS ACADEMY is the embodiment of a mission to produce from your today’s child, an exceptional leader of his time.

If by this note, you have connected with our PASSION, we here warmly invite you to join us to turn your child into leader of your dream; and make a difference in our collective tomorrow.


Best always!