In the next two months, the present administration will be celebrating two years in office and in seven months, Nigeria will clock 57. What do we have to show for a nation that is almost 60? In Nigeria, the average 60 year-old man is expected to be settled and if not fully settled, he should have plans. Nigeria is far from that.

Nigeria is now assumed to be a nation without vision by local and international investors. We do not need to be 200 years old before we become successful. We already have all the necessary resources to become self-sufficient but we don’t make use of it.

The dangerous waters of the devil’s vices had been at our knee, but now it’s at our stomachs, drawing dangerously close to our necks and faces. If we do not curb it, it will consume us. Yes, Nigeria is changing but we cannot allow the growth of our country to be likened to the movement of “Ijapa the tortoise” in the popular Yoruba folktale stories.

Despite our years of independence, we allow vices like greed, tribalism, nepotism and issues such as religion and social status to tear us apart. If we could unite against the colonial masters and survive the perils of civil war, then we can do much more to put things right. Nigerians need to discard the spirit of partisanship and choose leaders who can deliver. This is because both the present and future generations will suffer in the long run if bad leaders are allowed to continue to steer the affairs of the country.

According to the United Nations, about 5.1 million Nigerians are going to die of hunger in 2017. While about 200 children die of hunger every day, thousands of children and women lack formal education or are out of school. It is painful to note that fellow Nigerians are not doing anything about it. We can help our neighbour without waiting for the government. You do not need police or government approval to show love to those around you, who are not your family members.

Even, in terms of security, if we can be united as a nation and stand up against criminals, they will be too afraid to fight against a whole nation. Remember, unity is the state of being in full agreement with a person or group of people. So, I charge you all as Nigerians living in Nigeria and in diaspora to unite despite our different ethnic, social and religious background to move Nigeria forward. It is one Nigeria.

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